Happy Chill 2021

The year's end is closing in fast. We hope you had nice holidays and wish you the very best for 2021 !

Keep listening next year for many new chill tracks to be streamed from tropical locations anywhere on planet earth.

New Stream URL

100 Chill and 100 Hitradio have new stream URL's!

Please update your bookmarks and don't forget to update your internet radios.

The new stream URL for 100 Chill is https://chill.100radios.net

And the new stream for 100 Hitradio is https://hit.100radios.net

100 Chill's fresh website is here

100 Chill got a brand new and improved site!

Click on “listen live” to listen to 100 Chill straight from the browser. We offer a high quality low bandwidth AAC+ stream, that sounds perfect without using too much of your connection.

Want to know what was playing? Check out our playlist. You like a song? Let us know. Click a heart beside your favorite song. You can give one heart every 24 hours.

Click on the logo anywhere on the site to return to this page.

If you came here expecting a website for 100 Hitradio, please click the 100 Hitradio link in the menu and we'll bring you there.

We hope you like the new site. And as always, hope you enjoy the music.

100 Chill

100 Hitradio

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